Men's Spillfighter T-Shirt with Pocket
Item 68235

Men's Spillfighter T-Shirt with Pocket

Item 68235
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Does Double Duty - Covers Front and Booty

The Longtail T® Shirt has covered America’s rear since 2002. But what about America’s front? Extra inches of shirt length will fix Plumber’s Butt for good, but doesn’t defend against sink explosions, muck-mired dogs or the occasional slosh of coffee that misses its mark. Now there’s a solution that keeps you covered from any angle. Because now there’s a Spillfighter Longtail T Shirt. It’s as comfortable, substantial and Plumber’s-Butt-fixing as the original, but with added spill protection that keeps coffee and ketchup from setting in. When it comes to a spill or blooper, it’s super duper!

  • Sheds splotches! Spillfighting treatment keeps coffee and ketchup from setting in
  • Defends your dignity with longer shirt length to prevent Plumber’s Butt
  • Foils "fallout" with a spill-stopping flap on chest pocket that keeps tools and smartphones in place
  • 5.3-oz. 100% cotton fabric is prewashed for softness
  • Sized for work – no skimpy sportswear type t-shirt here
  • Imported