Duluth Trading SlapLit Drink Wrap
Item 49714

Duluth Trading SlapLit Drink Wrap

Item 49714
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SlapLit LED Drink Wrap is a Homing Beacon for Your Beverage
It’s a problem that besets campers, star gazers and nighttime tailgaters: Set your drink down in the dark, and you risk spending the rest of the night searching for it in the inky blackness. Even worse, by the time you find it, your frosty brew has gone flat and warm. Blech! The SlapLit™ LED Drink Wrap solves both problems. Just smack the spring-loaded sleeve against a can or bottle to wrap it in a blink. Then hit the switch to illuminate a glowing LED light band that makes it easy to home in on your drink in the dark. A replaceable button battery gives you up 100 hours of run time, either steady shine or attention-grabbing flash.
  • Glowing LED wrap encircles drinks for visibility from any angle
  • Tough, insulating neoprene construction keeps beverages cold, feels more comfortable to hold
  • No wrestling the coozie onto sticky cans or bottles – it lies flat, just slap to wrap
  • Non-slip backing avoids the drama of dumping your drink
  • Replaceable CR2032 button battery, included, delivers 100 hours of run time
  • Two operating modes: steady shine or attention-grabbing flash
  • 100-hour run time
  • Imported