MN AHG Merino Wool Base Shirt GGYOXBS 3XL
Item 94279
MN AHG Merino Wool Base Shirt GGYOXBS 3XL MN AHG Merino Wool Base Shirt GGYOXBS 3XL MN AHG Merino Wool Base Shirt GGYOXBS 3XL

Men's Alaskan Hardgear Merino Wool Base Shirt


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Merino Wool Base Layer Shirt stops shivers in Alaskan cold
They're like no wool longies you've ever felt, made from premium Australian Merino regarded as the among world's the finest, silkiest and softest. What's more, Merino is nature's performance fabric – inherently breathable, wicking and temperature regulating (which is why you've never seen a sheep sweat or shiver). The lightweight 4.57-oz. knit even fights odor, so you won't offend after days far from civilization. And it's comfortably stretchy, won't sag out of shape, because we've blended in 4% resilient elastane. You can even toss it in the wash – no special handling required. C'mon, break away from the flock and say, "Make mine Merino!"
  • Lightweight, stretchy knit is rich in premium Australian Merino wool – feels warm, smooth, totally itch-free
  • 4% elastane in the fabric fends off saggy knees and baggy elbows
  • 4.57-oz. fabric sits close to body for effective insulating, moisture wicking, and a smooth fit under layers
  • Raglan sleeves and Diamond Armpit Gussets keeps shirt from riding up when you reach
  • Easy care – just toss in the washing machine
  • Imported