Why 40 GRIT Workwear? Look at it this way. Not every job requires a cantilevered drum sander, or a precision belt sander with three grinding arms. Sometimes, all you need – or want – is a basic sheet of sandpaper.

40-Grit sandpaper is useful and essential. It finds its way into nearly every hand-touched project on the planet. Turns boards to butcher blocks. Gives elbow grease its namesake. All at a pocket-change price. 

Same goes for 40 GRIT Workwear. It’s a new line of basic clothing built by Duluth Trading. Shirts, pants, outerwear and more with the comfort and durability you expect. Gear that gets the job done. No fuss or complications.

It’s not a step down in quality, it’s a step up in simplicity. At an everyday low price that will stay consistent every day of the year. Reliable as sandpaper itself.

40 GRIT is Best-Value Priced Every Day. No Additional Discounts Apply.