7" German Chef Knife
Item B1359

7'' German Chef Knife Main Image 7'' German Chef Knife 7'' German Chef Knife

7" German Chef Knife

Item B1359
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Enamored with the effortless cutting ability of our Japanese knives, we’ve been hard-pressed to find a Western set that matches in performance. Our German Kitchen Knives have all the features we love in a blade: an ergonomic, well-balanced walnut handle complements a Japanese-inspired blade without the thick bolster and wide profile that make a Western knife feel unwieldy. The blades are ground with a specialized oscillating jig that creates a convex surface, the most durable grind, and finished with a microbevel to improve the high-carbon steel’s already impressive edge longevity. These methods have been developed over generations by Windmühlenmesser in Solingen, which is immediately apparent by the masterful fit and finish. The German Kitchen Knives are the clear result of a prolific conversation amongst the world’s most accomplished bladesmiths.


Nothing holds an edge better, or is easier to sharpen, than carbon steel. The trade-off for that quality and ease is that you must wipe your knives completely dry after use and preferably apply a very light coat of oil. Although these knives are made with utmost craftsmanship and pride, they will rust if not cared for. Knives of high hardness offer superior slicing ability, but will not hold up to heavy pounding. Save the cleaving tasks for your beater knife. No knife of any quality should be put through the dishwasher. Blades will dull and risk chipping; wooden handles will quickly deteriorate and can crack.



  • Convex grind
  • Oval handle contour
  • 7-inch chef: 7" blade, 12" overall
  • 1.25 high-carbon steel, 1.1% carbon 
  • 60/61.5 HRC
  • Walnut scales
  • Solid brass pins


  • Steel, walnut, brass


  • Ships with Best Made Knife Handbook with info on care and handling
  • Ships with Carbon Steel Care Book
  • No knife of any quality should be put through the dishwasher
  • Wipe knives completely dry after use and preferably apply a very light coat of oil


  • Made in Germany
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