8-Pack Antique Gold Buttons
Item 91150
8-Pack Antique Gold Buttons 8-Pack Antique Gold Buttons 8-Pack Antique Gold Buttons

8-pk. Antique Gold Buttons

Item 91150
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“Instant” Buttons hammer together – no sewing!
Hey, you're no seamstress. With these "Instant" replacement buttons, you don't need to be, because you just hammer them together when you need suspender buttons, or replacements on your work jacket or shirt. Life is tough enough already without having to mess around with a needle and thread – ouch!
  • Genuine antique brass with electroplated finish
  • Hammer together – no sewing required
  • Metal shaft and shanks built to last years
  • Nickel and lead free
  • Eight buttons in a pack – enough to convert work pants into suspender pants
  • Work on jackets and shirts too
  • Imported