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Austin & Justin Donohue doing outdoor activities.
Austin & Justin Donohue in ski gear
Live Life Less Soft

Welcome to anyone who sees work, sweat and unpredictable weather as table stakes to experiencing nature’s glory. Alaskan Hardgear is built for you. It’s outdoor gear designed to see you through any untamed corner you’re itching to explore. Made with the same durability and inventive spirit that’s at the core of everything Duluth Trading Company offers.

Mak & Owen prepping their camping vehicle
Innovation at the Core

Duluth Trading already spent decades making clothes that work in the outdoors. After all, construction sites, fields, gardens and forests are the “office” where tradesmen and women are concerned. As the outdoor arm of Duluth Trading, AKHG is here to equip you with the same durability for all the ways you play in nature.

Rooted in Alaska

Durability is why it’s called Alaskan Hardgear in the first place. The gear was first made to meet the need for higher-tech clothes to handle work and play in Alaska’s unforgiving conditions. AKHG takes that outdoor dependability and shapes it to perform in every corner of the country.

Capturing All The Grit And Glory