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More fun is had on the edge of limits

Inspired by Alaska’s 663,000-square-mile mix of ass paining and soul enriching, AKHG is built for those with the mindset that there’s a lot to love beyond the confines of cushy and convenient. New paths to plot and tent stakes to pound. Lists to make and legwork to wade through. Dry bags to pack and achy late afternoons of airing it all out once you’re back. This is gear built for men and women who will actually use said gear. The type who aren’t about to give a free pass to a fake pocket. For them, we help balance nature’s ecstasy with her uneasy. The beautiful with the backbreaking. The million-dollar sunsets with scraping burnt refried beans off the side of the same mug used for morning coffee. Here you’ll find stories of the men and women who share that mindset, and have taken it a step further to ensure everyone else can do the same. Check back often to see those stories build throughout this season of AKHG.

Woman in a blue shirt and black backpack climbs rocks

“I don’t mind trying something and not being 100% polished at it. I want people to see how it goes and say, ‘Hey, she’s pushing through and taking that first step. Why can’t I?”

Kanoa Greene | Outdoor Adventurer and Body Positive Fitness Coach

Woman stands in water fly fishing

“I love to hike, but fishing is a major distraction when I’m doing it. I can’t walk by a stream without taking note of what trout are in it.”

Gabaccia Moreno

Gabaccia Moreno outdoor advocate. Roberto Flores outdoor advocate

If you want to call Gabaccia and Roberto long-haul backpackers, that fits. They’ll disappear for weeks at a time on the trail, most recently hiking the Continental Divide Trail. Trout-obsessed fly fishers? That too. They’ve chased the next catch from Montana to Texas, Oregon to Maine. But dedicated outdoor enthusiasts and advocates, now that hits the mark. Through their work with conservation nonprofits and outdoor initiatives, they spend all their time spreading the love of – and promoting access to – the immense variety of public lands that every last one of us can get out and explore.

“Primarily what we do out here is build bridges. Change happens when we can come together and have some empathy.”

Jason Swann and Marisa Jarae | Founders of Rising Routes

Building Bridges One Excursion At A Time

Somewhere on a trail in Colorado, on a foothill that leaned a bit too close to vertical, fellow hikers Jason Swann and Marisa Jarae hit on an idea: an awful lot of misunderstanding could be averted, and understanding gained, if everyone got together more. Out here. Where a good worked-up sweat cuts through the need for small talk and icebreakers. Where exertion leads to honesty, and a good dose of jointly felt trail ache leads to empathy. It’s the insight that led to their founding of Rising Routes. The organization fosters community in the outdoors in a way that cuts through race, experience level and physical ability – and uses those stories to promote fair access to the wonderful, untamed wild.

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