America The Ingenious
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America The Ingenious America The Ingenious America The Ingenious

America the Ingenious Book

Item 96835
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A guaranteed curiosity-quencher for history fans and miscellany buffs alike
Want to know what made America great…and great again? Want to become the most interesting person around the campfire? In America the Ingenious, best-selling author Kevin Baker brings his gift of storytelling and eye for historical detail to the grand tale of American innovation. It's a collection of stories that answer the question: What is it about America that makes it a nation of inventors, tinkerers, researchers and obsessive pursuers of the never-before-created? Here are the Edisons and Bells and Carnegies, and the stories of how they followed their passions and changed our world. And also the less celebrated, like Jacob Youphes and Loeb Strauss, two Jewish immigrants from Germany who transformed the way at least half the world now dresses (hint: Levi Strauss), and many more! This is that story; you'll want a copy for the coffee table, guest room, man cave and cabin.
  • An easy to read tale of American innovation and achievements
  • Share a story and become the most interesting person at the table
  • Makes a great gift for just about anyone. Just don't lend your copy out!
  • 320 pages divided into short, pithy chapters
  • 320 pages; 2.2 lbs.
  • Made in the United States. Some components may be imported.