Aquabot Hydration Spray Bottle BLUE
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Aquabot Hydration Spray Bottle


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The perfect shower or mist of water wherever you need it?

No water on site? No problem. Just Pump up the Aquabot and you’ve got it. Developed as a water bottle for outdoor use, it’s also ideal for spraying off trowels and tools where a water hookup isn’t available or misting plaster or mortar during setting.
And on the weekend the aquabot is perfect for hosing the kids up after muddy socker games, cleaning up during camping or even washing off your waders and fishing gear off between streams. Durable BPA-free construction uses a hand-pump action to spray a stream of water over 25 ft. Adjusts for shower, steam and mist patterns to give you water any way you need it.


  • Adjusts for shower, stream and mist patterns and sprays over 25 ft.
  • Simple pump pressurization means no batteries
  • BPA-free plastic construction is safe for all applications
  • 650 mL size
  • Choking Hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years.
  • Imported