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Best Made Straight Hold Hatchet

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Item B1366



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Best Made Straight Hold Hatchet





Designed from the ground up in New York City by Best Made Company, tested the world over. The Straight Hold Hatchet weighs in at just two pounds, and it has a Dayton pattern head that is drop-forged and hand-ground in the United States from American-made 1060 alloy steel hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 48-55 HRC. The Appalachian hickory handle of our hatchet is dipped in striking colors and is distinguished by its "straight hold" profile, a feature that allows for improved agility and safety. The Straight Hold is perfect for carving duties, clearing light brush and splitting kindling. Equally at home next to the fireplace as it is around the campfire, the Straight Hold Hatchet earns its keep as the smallest member of the Best Made axe family.



The straight handle greatly improves the versatility of the hatchet. As seen on a traditional carpenter's hatchet, a straight handle is equally effective using either the blade or the butt end of the hatchet head. For carving tent stakes or pounding them into the ground, the Straight Hold Hatchet has an infinite variety of comfortable hand grips. Due to its straight orientation with the tree's growth, the handle of the Straight Hold has exceptional strength. Please note that every hatchet is unique, as grain patterns vary and will not match what is pictured here. Our hatchets are hand-ground on a coarse grinding belt, and it is left to the user to finalize the sharpness of their hatchets. We suggest a fine metal file, which will quickly dress the edge ready for use, and will make short work of resharpening as the edge wears. Our Straight Hold Hatchet will be sharp, and it will bite if you aren't careful! Always be mindful when using a one-handed blade. Keep your free hand well away from the area in which you are chopping, and never hold the wood with one hand and chop with the other. Please note that the Straight Hold Hatchet does not ship in a handmade crate.



  • Dayton head pattern
  • Hand-ground edge
  • 48-55 HRC
  • 2 lbs.
  • Hand-dipped finishing
  • 13.5" x 5.125" x 0.75"
  • 1060 steel
  • Lacquered Appalachian hickory handle
  • C.C.G.F. bridle-leather blade guard: Courage, Compassion, Grace, Fortitude


  • Steel, hickory wood, leather


  • Made in USA





Best Made Straight Hold Hatchet