Duluth Trading Big Dam Birthday Sweepstakes

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The characters from our TV ads have become celebrities – and this is your chance to vote on your favorite. Enter your information and vote now, and we’ll enter you for a chance to win one of four $250 Duluth Trading gift cards!

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Get to know our Critters:


Chuck The Angry Beaver: While certainly famous, between performances Chuck remains down-to-earth, spending time at home with his family and enjoying woodworking.

Ben DeBoar: Our busiest spokescritter – he’s constantly getting invites to BBQ events and luaus.

Nessie Adair: Known for an extensive career in Europe, she’s moved to our side of the pond to make a splash in TV.

Jean T. Moose: While most assume he is French Canadian, Jean actually hails from Karlstad, MN. He changed the spelling of his birth name (John) and worked with a voice coach to develop the accent as a way to secure more starring roles.

Londa Llama: While her spitting skill is on full display with Duluth, Londa actually started her career as a pajama model.

Robert R. Grizzly II: Born into a famous improv troupe in Yellowstone, WY, Bob has given solo performances that critics describe as gripping, towering and fearsome. He’s also noted for refusing any roles during the winter months.


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