Condor Otzi Knife
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Condor Otzi Knife BROWN Condor Otzi Knife BROWN Condor Otzi Knife BROWN

Condor Otzi Knife

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Condor Ötzi Knife: 5,300-Year-Old Cutting-Edge Technology

Ötzi the Iceman is one of Europe’s most famous mummies. His 5,300-year-old remains were discovered in the Alps in 1991, along with the implements he depended on to survive in such extreme conditions. Among these indispensable tools was a flint dagger, lashed into a wood handle with sinew. In a nod to our universal human heritage, Ötzi’s knife was reproduced in 1095 high carbon steel and sturdy American hickory. The short, 2.5” blade is lightweight and ever-practical, as it had to be when the Iceman carried everything he owned on his back. Celebrate one of man's most reliable tools with this intriguing addition to your collection.

  • Reproduction of Otzi the Iceman’s famous flint blade is sharp, practical and good-looking 
  • 12.5mm, 1095 high carbon steel blade simulates the texture of Ötzi’s original flint blade
  • Burnt American hickory handle
  • Handcrafted, welted leather sheath with braided leather lanyard
  • 2.5” blade, overall length 5.52”, 3.2 oz.
  • Imported