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Dan & Shankari GoldStein

DULUTH WAYFORGERS™: Dan & Shankari GoldStein

Dan and Shankari sitting next to their sheep


What do you get when you cross a medicinal herb garden, organic vegetables, sustainable farming practices, yoga, shakti crystals and a community CSA with dozen of lambs, ducks, chickens and goats? A magical place called Waddle Om Farm, in Scottsville, Virginia. For the past 5 years, Shankari and Dan have lovingly cultivated the land and their relationship with it, taking their role as earth’s caretakers very seriously. “It started as a place where we could be self-sufficient, and then I realized it was morphing,” Shankari says. “My day-to-day life was becoming regenerative and holistic, and that was informing my contemplative mindfulness practice.”

Dan and Shankari wearing duluth products while feeding their goats

Beyond exploring farming as a spiritual practice, Shankari and Dan continue to experiment with and educate themselves about permaculture and regenerative farming while producing meat, dairy and herbs for their local community. And as a Black farmer, Shankari is committed to changing perceptions and building a more diverse farming community locally and globally through the couple’s Wayfinder Holistics initiative.

“Wayfinder is a beacon of light,” she says, “a navigation system that helps people connect and land with their true purpose and calling. We aren’t asking for reform, we are asking for a complete undoing of the current system, dismantling it, breaking it down and starting anew. And THAT is my relationship with farming.”

Woman in a blue jacket walking next to sheep in her field

“It doesn’t always require having access to growing your own food. And for the foods that you do buy locally at a farmers market (support local as much as possible), save the seeds from those foods and donate them back into a food nonprofit or seed-saving program! Be the change!” – Shankari Goldstein

waddle om farm profile picture

Whether it’s going all-in on homesteading or growing a pot of basil on your fire escape, we could all benefit from a deeper connection to our food and to the land. This philosophy is a core value for Wayforgers™ Shankari and Dan, owners and do-it-all-ers of Waddle Om Farm and the recently launched Wayfinder Holistics.