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Timisha stands proudly in her workshop


There are pop star divas, and then there are shop star divas…and Timisha is queen of them all. From a very young age, Timisha – aka the ToolBox Diva – has been interested in how things work, and break, and come back to life. "I'm from a rural area in South Carolina, and we lived crazy far from life," she says. "So when things would break, we would have to fix them ourselves. I would always follow around my dad and my uncles. Seeing them fix things, I would always want to help and play with the different tools, but they wouldn't let me."

Timisha working in her workshop

So, when she got old enough, Timisha took matters (and power tools) into her own hands. After a false start in commercial banking, she went back to school to study carpentry, learning basic plumbing and electrical along the way.

"I built my skills and I learned a lot from my mistakes," she says. "It's the cheapest lesson."

collage of images of Timisha working in her workshop

Today, Timisha is committed to demystifying power tools and empowering people to tackle home ownership, maintenance and improvement with confidence. Her blog and social media pages are full of tips, plans, tool reviews and project ideas that are accessible for DIYers of all levels.

@toolboxdivas on Instagram

There are pop star divas, and then there are shop star divas, and Timisha is queen of them all. See more from this master of everything D.I.Y.


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