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Collage of Wayforgers portaits


From paleontologists to sailors to DIYers, we work to feature a diverse group of accomplished folks pursuing their passions. Whether you work indoors, outdoors or a combo of the two, we’re always looking to share unique stories of doers. Post on Instagram using #BeAWayforger for a chance to be featured!

Anne AKA Anne of All Trades


Woodworker, farmer, teacher and all-around lost-skills purveyor Anne Briggs (aka Anne of All Trades) is living the dream on her Tennessee homestead. Her physically demanding days require work pants that can stand up to the job – that’s why she trusts Duluth!

Brock and Chase Jurgensen lining up a 2x4 to be cut


Maybe you recognize brothers Brock and Chase Jurgensen from their DIY Network show Rustic Renovation. As they remodel homes and build exterior structures on and off screen, this tool-wielding team prefers durable Duluth workwear.

Katy King standing by her cut flowers


Deep in the heart of central Pennsylvania on a century-old family farm is Hidden Springs Flowers, a fresh-cut-flower business started by Katy King in 2018. Katy’s grown her operation from the ground up, offering curated bouquets, flower subscriptions and more. She relies on Duluth durability when digging into work!

Amirah Mitchell standing in a greenhouse holding a basket


Founder of Sistah Seeds, Amirah Mitchell is more than a keeper of heirloom seeds – she’s a keeper of stories. Amirah believes in regenerating culturally important seed varieties – okra, sorghum, peppers and others – so that other growers can reclaim their relationship to those plants. Check out her favorite gardening overalls and more!

Colin and Hilary standing in their rooftop garden


Owners and operators of Seattle Urban Farm Co. Colin and Hilary are on a mission to help their fellow urban farmers design, construct and manage their own edible landscapes – whether on the rooftop of a 14-story building, in the bed of a truck or somewhere in between. And when that Seattle weather does what it’s known for, the couple reaches for Dry on the Fly® workwear.

Jennifer Pazarusky standing in a garden holding a crate of tomatoes


A navy reservist with a background in mechanical engineering, Jennifer isn’t afraid of hard work. While her herbal elixir and natural wellness product business is called Sweet Grass Essentials, Jen is a grade-A badass. She understands the quality of your workwear matters, whether you’re on an oil rig or pulling up weeds in the backyard. That’s why she gears up in Duluth durability!

Cindy Velasquez crouching on a sail boat


When Cindy Velasquez is underwater, she feels she may as well be on another planet. It’s awe-inspiring, sometimes disorienting, and comes with a healthy share of risk. It’s why she’s spent so much time and effort building her lung capacity – and mindset – as a master freediver. All to extend her stay in a mesmerizing, if dangerous, underwater world.

Bri Atisanoe sitting on a surf board in the ocean


Bri Atisanoe isn’t a believer in limitations – she thinks it’s often other people who try to set limits for you. Believing in herself instead led to her career as a pilot, and to soaking up every corner of the wild by land, sea and air. Each adventure comes with its own set of challenges, but even when she’s attempting big waves, or rocks through turbulence on a scenic flight route, in her words: “It’ll be a fun ride.”

Leane and Jesse Horton hiking in the mountains


Art. Hunting. Sailing. Backpacking. What do they have in common? They all point to a thirst for adventure. For Jesse and Leane Horton, they’re the threads in the fabric of a life lived on their own terms – whether that’s hopping between islands, guiding in Colorado or pitching tents on a bluff of volcanic rock.

Jake Brooks sitting in a boat on the water


If you’re in the middle of the Pacific and at the top of your sport, you may as well chase the highest challenge. It’s why Jake Brooks talks about nothing but bonefish when he’s on the water. The notoriously wary and lightning-fast sport fish is found larger than anywhere else in Hawaii. And Captain Jake will lead friends and crew between the islands to find them.

Austin Kino on the water


The canoe is our island, the island is our canoe. It’s a phrase you hear often in the community of traditional canoe sailors. Austin Kino, a deep sea navigator and teacher of this ancient art, will tell you that means everything goes with you on the boat. Your training. Your hopes. The unresolved tensions you thought you left at home. The solution is to get right – first with yourself, then with your community and then with the wide and wild ocean itself.

Hands woodworking


Since the start, “There’s Gotta Be a Better Way™” has been the bedrock Duluth Trading Company was built on. How we build our products. How we tell our stories. How we treat our neighbors, customers, and employees too. It’s not just the right way to do things. It’s the only way.