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Duluth Men

About Our Trades Panel

In the beginning, Duluth Trading products were field-tested on jobsites by a grizzly bunch of construction workers, dock hands, cycle riders, old hippies and other hard-as-nails yahoos. If those guys couldn’t break it, we added it to our line.

Today, we call these guys our Trades Panel, but they still do the same thing: use, abuse and improve our products by testing them in real-world conditions.

Each year, we meet with trades panel members in a designated city like Duluth, Houston, Boston or Anchorage. They give us an earful, helping us develop the innovative, rugged gear you’ve come to expect from Duluth. We value their expert, brutally frank feedback — and we’d like yours, too.

If you’d like to get in on the Trades Panel action when we come to a city near you, fill out an application.

Innovate. Test. Refine. Repeat.

The proof is in the product, and the product is the result of an unrelenting quest to improve. When we hear feedback from our trade panel and customers, we take it to heart and build our products to be even better. Because that’s just how you find the better way.

Duluthflex Fire Hose Work Pants
Fire Hose work pants are the best I’ve ever worn. Ever thought of making a lighter version for summer?

Duluthflex® Fire Hose®
Introduced 2012

No Pocket Longtail T Shirt
Please make a Longtail T without a pocket. I’m a welder, and hot chips collect in the pocket.

No Pocket Longtail T® Shirt Option
Introduced 2003