Duluth Trading Wood Sticker
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Duluth Trading Wood Sticker

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Stick to What You Know and Love

We love stickers as much as anybody, even those people who cover their water bottles with about a million of them. But did you know there’s a better way to stick it? We’ve partnered with the pioneering sticker freaks over at Woodsticker™ to create these awesome, environmentally friendly Wood Stickers featuring your favorite Duluth Trading Company logos, including Duluth Trading Company, Buck Naked, Angry Beaver and the Alaskan Hardgear® Bear Paw. These biodegradable stickers are a heckuva lot easier on Mother Earth than vinyl stickers, so that’s worth feeling good about. Plus, each sticker is hand finished with a protective clear coat so they’ll look sharp for a long time. Just be sure you’re sticking them in the right place, because the 3M® adhesive backing sticks like heck!

  • Constructed of real maple wood with engraved Duluth Trading Company logos
  • FSC-certified sustainably grown maple and harvested wood veneer
  • Each sticker is sanded and has a protective clear coat applied for a lasting finish
  • 3M adhesive backing is very strong (so make sure to stick ’em where you want ’em, ’cause they ain’t going anywhere!)
  • Stickers will bend with the grain, but not against it. The grain is vertically aligned, allowing each sticker to be gently pinched on the sides for it to bend. If pinched at the top and bottom edge, against the grain, the sticker will snap.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Biodegradeable stickers are so much better for the planet than vinyl stickers
  • Made in USA. Some components may be imported.