Duluth Women Profiles


Inspiration and determination transformed Claudine from boat-gazing landlubber to full-fledged crew member of 14 Chicago-Mackinaw sailboat races. Piloting fixed-wing aircrafts is her new passion. And, next up: Scuba certification.



Willingness to dig in and help has taken Deborah from the family farm to empowering kids to grow their own food in downtown Atlanta. Her urban garden project is blooming—and so are lives in the community.



Fueled by a passion for science and a whole lot of heavy gear, Lindsay and her team have made some incredible discoveries in paleontology. Field work regularly takes her to remote areas to dig for dinosaur fossils.



Heidi’s a fine artist inspired by big challenges. It takes plenty craft and lots of muscle to create her large-scale abstract oil paintings. Outside the studio, Heidi works hard to restore native plants to the prairie near her home.




Emmanuelle gives new meaning to hard work and hustle. Starting small, Elle went door-to-door to grow her small lawncare business. Good word-of-mouth lead to a full-blown landscaping service, and, today, Elle’s crew is fixing up homes inside and out.





Abbie is a farmer, floral designer and photographer who’s recently relocated to Colorado so she can enjoy ski season year-round. She’s been looking for the perfect plot for a new farm, but, for now, she’s happy to support local growers.




Serena is a DIY blogger who specializes in giving old furniture new life. After years in a corporate environment, she jumped tools-first into sanding, paint-stripping and sharing how-to tips. Her personal mission: To create, inspire, and teach.




Tracy walked away from a 20-year career so she could concentrate fully on her love affair with the great outdoors. Her new job is full-time hiking, mountain climbing and backcountry skiing, and, as you can see, business is good.




Margret owns a working cattle ranch north of San Francisco that offers a rare glimpse of traditional life in Old California. From the restored 19th-century farmhouse to the historic barns, the ranch still operates much as it did 150 years ago.




A rancher, horse packer, wilderness guide, backcountry wrangler, student of midwifery, yes, there’s a lot to Duluth Women model Nora. So, how so you think she spends her downtime? Building her own log cabin, of course.




Jessica is a third-generation apple farmer. Her grandfather started the orchard in 1945, and it’s still owned and operated by Jessica, her mother and sister.



Rachel G.

Rachel is a landscape designer and builder. When she’s not hauling bags of soil, driving tractors, pruning trees, she can be found building a new timber frame house with her partner. Because why buy a house when you can build a better one yourself?!



Rachel T.

Rachael’s an Air Force Academy grad turned sustainable farmer. Her goats, pigs and chickens graze happily together, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.