Duluth Women

Duluth Women

Real women. Real ambition.

Highly capable clothing would be nothing without the highly capable women who inspire us to build it. Hardworking and full of pluck, Duluth Women lead many lives, and in turn we’re driven to make clothes that can keep up. We feature real women in our advertising — because we think their stories and their phenomenal feats deserve to be shared.

Woodworkers, midwives, landscapers, ceramicists, pilots, ranchers — you name it. Here are just a few of the women who test and model Duluth Trading’s clothing. Each one is an inspiration and motivation.

Want to be a Duluth Women’s model? We’re always on the search for new women to test and model Duluth’s hardworking, highly capable gear. If you’re a take-on-all, anything-but-standard-issue woman, consider applying to become one of our featured Duluth Women.

Duluth Woman - Deborah


Urban gardener helping kids and communities bloom — and grow their own food.

Duluth Woman - Emmanuelle


Asphalt truck driver by day, lathe turner, home rehabber, woodworker extraordinaire by night.

Duluth Woman - Serena


This wildlife biologist turned wilderness survival instructor is also a competitive lumberjack.

Duluth Woman - Abbie


Farmer, floral designer and photographer hitting the slopes and scouting land in Colorado.

Duluth Woman - Serena


Corporate careerist turned DIY blogger, hell-bent on inspiring and teaching others.

Duluth Woman - Lindsay


A paleontologist whose fieldwork often takes her to remote areas to dig for dinosaur fossils.

Duluth Woman - Margaret


Cattle rancher in California spending her days in a restored farmhouse and historic barns.

Duluth Woman - Claudine


Horse packer, wilderness guide, backcountry wrangler, midwifery student, log cabin builder.

Duluth Woman - Tracy


Full-time hiker, mountain climber and backcountry skier. Seriously.

Duluth Woman - Rachel T.

Rachel T.

Air Force Academy grad turned sustainable farmer, with goats, pigs and chickens to boot.

Duluth Woman - Jessica


Apple farmer preserving and operating the orchard her grandfather started in 1945.

Duluth Woman - Rachel G.

Rachel G.

Landscape designer building her own timber-frame house from the ground up.

Duluth Woman - Claudine


Determined sailor with a passion for piloting fixed-wing aircrafts. Next? Scuba certification.

Are You the Next Duluth Woman?