Emergency Heat + Light - Pine
Item 49768
Emergency Heat + Light - Pine Emergency Heat + Light - Pine Emergency Heat + Light - Pine

Emergency Heat + Light - Pine

Item 49768
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Light It When The Apocalypse Is Imminent Or You Just Want A Fresh Pine Scent
This Pine Emergency Heat + Light is the handiwork of none other than Duke Cannon. A man who believes if you’re going to light something on fire, you better at least pretend it’s due to some sort of primal urge. This emergency light, (or candle if you’re the boring type) provides approximately 75 hours of life-saving brightness. It’s ideal for fending off zombie attacks or heating up a can of chili for lunch. And yeah. It smells nice, too. Just like a fresh cut pine tree with a hint of lumberjack musk. So stock up for the impending apocalypse—while everyone else is hiding in the darkness, your house will be, as the kids say, lit.
  • Smells of fresh cut pine and manliness
  • Delivers approximately 75 hours of life-saving light
  • Can be used to start other fires
  • Portable heat and light source
  • Wards off evil spirits (or attracts them if that’s your thing)
  • Capable of warming up lunch
  • Made in the USA. Some components may be imported.