Ergonomic 5 Piece Tool Set
Item 69712
Ergonomic 5 Piece Tool Set LIMEGRN Ergonomic 5 Piece Tool Set LIMEGRN Ergonomic 5 Piece Tool Set LIMEGRN

Ergonomic 5 Piece Tool Set

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Don't Make Do: Do it Right with the Ergonomic Garden Tool Set

You wouldn’t be caught dead using a flathead when they call for a Philips, so why would you settle for that dusty old trowel that’s been rotting away in the shed for all your gardening duties? Instead, stock your arsenal with a full set of tools made for a lifetime of digging, scratching, weeding and transplanting. They’ll survive decades of garden work, die-cast in lightweight aluminum with comfortable, durable polypropylene handles. Better yet, they're designed to fit your natural grip – no bending your wrist to hold the ramrod-straight handles you find in common tools. Set includes a large trowel, transplanter, weeder, scooper and cultivator.

  • Ergonomic handles for a more natural, more comfortable grip - perfect for cartilage and joints that have "been through a thing or two"
  • Trowel features a 3"-wide, 9"-long blade: Perfect for potting, mixing, and general digging
  • Transplanter sports a 9" blade complete with depth marks to help you plant bulbs and begonias like a boss
  • Weeder has a 9"-long, serrated shaft to lay waste to stubborn dandelion roots and other leafy invaders
  • Scooper has 8-3/4" long, 4-1/2" wide scoop with serrated sides to break up chunks and move bulk soil with ease
  • Three-pronged cultivator pulls triple duty to help to oxygenate, cultivate, and weed out the weakest links
  • Die-cast aluminum and polypropylene are strong-yet-lightweight