Extractor Kit
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Extractor Kit

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The Extractor Kit: Fight Back from Bites

Whether it's a bee sting on the back porch or a snake bite in the outback, getting the poison or venom out of your system FAST is going to help you feel better sooner. Which is why you should always keep the Extractor Kit within easy reach. While it is not a substitute for seeking professional medical treatment, this powerful vacuum pump can quickly suction venom, poison or itching compounds from under the skin's surface – helping minimize harmful effects. The kit includes a compact, reusable vacuum pump plus 4 plastic cups in different sizes to work on a variety of stings or bites, from pesky mosquitoes to timber rattlers. Simply attach cup to pump, apply to the bite and push the plunger to draw damaging fluids from the wound. For best results, apply the pump quickly before fluids enter the bloodstream – although the Extractor Kit can often minimize the itch of mosquito bites hours after being bitten. It's a smart addition to any first aid pack, camping kit or beach bag – because you never know when nature's gonna up and bite you. 

Note: The effectiveness of the Extractor Kit varies with bite location. It works best retrieving venom that has pooled outside muscle masses, such as snake bites in the hands, feet and ankles. 

  • Lightweight, reusable vacuum pump draws pooled venoms and poisons from under skin in one quick motion – easy to use one-handed
  • 4 suction cups in different sizes work on snake bites, bee and wasp stings, mosquito bites and more, in multiple locations on the body
  • Includes alcohol prep pads, adhesive bandages, sting care wipes, razor for hair removal and instruction manual in a compact case
  • Most effectively retrieves venom from extremities and outside of muscle areas; effectiveness varies with the location of the bite. NOT a substitute for professional medical care.
  • Made in USA. Some components are imported.