Extreme Readers
Item 78061
Extreme Readers 4.00 Extreme Readers 4.00 Extreme Readers 4.00

Extreme Readers

Item 78061
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"Blind as a bat" Extreme Readers – up to +5.0 diopter!
If you shouldn't be behind the wheel, let alone handling any task that requires precise vision, these are the reading glasses for you. In +4.0 diopter or extremely rare "can't even read the big eye chart E" +5.0 diopter, they let you read the tiniest fine print. Put 'em on and handle tasks you thought you couldn't do anymore. Sturdy metal frames with screw hinges, scratch-resistant clear polycarbonate lenses.
  • Powerful magnification for reading the fine print
  • Assists in doing those teeny tiny tasks
  • Available in +4.0 or +5.0 diopters
  • Sturdy metal frames
  • Clear polycarbonate lenses resist scratches
  • Download this printable eye chart to determine which diopter is best for you.
  • Imported