Duluth Trading Tick Key
Item 85566
Duluth Trading Tick Key Duluth Trading Tick Key Duluth Trading Tick Key

Get Ticked Key

Item 85566
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Easiest to use Tick Key on the market
Poor Spike itching and scratching with a pesky tick? Slide the Get Ticked Key over the area until tick is in the teardrop-shaped opening, then pull key up, away from skin. The tick – head and all – is quickly removed, before Spike even has a chance to squirm or whine. Flat, anodized aluminum key fits in a pocket, wallet, or on a key chain.
  • Removes ticks – head and all – quickly and easily without mess
  • More comfortable, less upsetting to dogs and kids
  • Flat, anodized aluminum key
  • Measures 1½"W x 2½"H, fits nicely on a key chain
  • Assorted colors
  • Made in USA. Some components may be imported.