Heritage Lensatic Compass
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Heritage Lensatic Compass Heritage Lensatic Compass Heritage Lensatic Compass

Heritage Lensatic Compass

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Find Your Way Like They Did In The Days Before Bleeping Gizmos

Smartphones are amazing things. But if you’re miles deep in the wild, away from coverage and out of juice, you're going to need a carrier pigeon’s sense of direction. Or better yet, one of these. The Heritage Lensatic Compass is built in the tried-and-true construction that navigator’s used a century ago. Sturdy, shock-resistant brass casing folds down compactly, and an adjustable lens gives crystal clear reading from the liquid filled compass. Made with one welcome modern touch - glow-in-the-dark cardinal letters for excellent nighttime visibility.

  • In the age before GPS, quality tools like this lensatic liquid-filled compass were the navigator’s choice
  • Handsome and compact folding brass housing resists drops, jostling and shocks
  • Adjustable lens for dependable sighting plus easy-to-read bearing markers
  • Glow-in-the-dark cardinal letters for low-light navigation
  • Imported