Humangear Travel GoCup BLACK
Item 96778

Humangear Travel GoCup

Item 96778
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$9.95 $6.99

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Best Way Yet To Move Some Pills! Plus Water To Wash 'Em Down
You haven't slowed down any, but over the years you may have accumulated a horse pill or two to swallow daily. Now there's a handy solution – Humangear's GoCup. The collapsible cup compresses to a simple, stowable puck just by pressing down – easy to stow in a back pocket. Snap-on lid has a pill compartment built in, so you can tote your 'scripts and a drink to send the pills down easy at the same time. Plus there's measure lines on the inside that go up to 1/2 cup and 100 ml., as well as 1 and 2 shots - in case you're downing something stiffer than water.
  • GoCups ports your prescriptions and 4 oz. of water at the same time
  • Collapses down to hockey puck size for easy traveling
  • Lid has a pill-box built in, plus vents so left-over water dries out in between uses
  • Made of 100% BPA-free, PC-free and phthalate-free silicone
  • Imported