Keysmart Pro with Tile Technology
Item 68653

Keysmart Pro with Tile Technology

Item 68653
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Keys Constantly "Walking Off"? KeySmart Pro Finds 'Em In A Flash

Even if you have a mind like a steel trap, sometimes your truck keys still sprout legs and run off to who-knows-where. Instead of tearing off the couch cushions, checking under the cabinets and turning the air blue, stash up to 10 keys in the KeySmart Pro. Not only does it keep them smartly organized, it comes with Tile Technology built in. If they ever disappear, you can fire up the free app on your smartphone and locate the KeySmart immediately. The reverse also works – if your phone goes missing, tap the button on your keys to make it ring. It’s one of the niftiest solutions we’ve seen to a common, cuss-causing problem!

  • If your keys are in the habit of running off, KeySmart Pro helps you find them in seconds
  • Works with the free Tile smartphone app for iOS or Android to map your key location
  • Lost your smartphone instead? KeySmart Pro can make your phone ring - even when set on silent - to help you find it
  • Fits 2-10 keys, plus your truck key fob
  • Handy built-in LED flashlight and even handier built-in bottle opener
  • Built-in Li-ion battery stays charged for up to 3 months, recharges via standard micro-USB (battery and cord included)
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