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LiteWire Carabiner

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Item 24609

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LiteWire Carabiner




Get a Grip on Your Gear

Climbers take their tools as seriously as any tradesman. Which is why the pros prefer the extreme strength and reliable simplicity of this wire gate design from Black Diamond®. The body is hot forged to put more metal where it’s needed, less where it’s not to shave off weight without sacrificing durability. A larger rope-bearing surface saves wear and tear on your gear. Better yet, there’s no place for grit and debris to collect in the hinge, so the wire gate won’t lock up like a post gate can. Get a few and let it all hang out!


  • The simple-yet-super-strong workhorse ’biner preferred by pros
  • Easy-to-operate non-locking wire gate for quicker clipping
  • Hot-forged aluminum construction for greater strength and reliability with less weight
  • Massive 24 kN closed gate strength; 8 kN open gate strength
  • 1"W x 4"L with ⅞" gate opening
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LiteWire Carabiner