Men's Alaskan Hardgear BearScrape Jersey 1/4 Zip Mock
Item 44223

Men's Alaskan Hardgear BearScrape Jersey 1/4 Zip Mock

Item 44223
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$69.50 $49.99

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BearScrape Jersey: Snag Resistant So Mother Nature Won’t Leave Her Mark

With a swipe of its paw, a grizzly can rip tree bark to ribbons up to 12 feet overhead, leaving one of nature’s most intimidating signposts: the bearscrape. That show of strength and shredding claws is inspiration for our own BearScrape Jersey – an indomitable new fabric that resists the snags of thorns, nails, razorous rocks and raw-edged metal. Better yet, the 100% polyester fabric wicks sweat from skin and provides UPF 40 sunburn protection – plus it's treated with a Polygiene® antimicrobial finish to squelch stink. It'll handle thorny situations that standard jersey simply can’t bear. 

  • Snag-resistant 100% polyester jersey is unfazed by clinging thorns and clawing nails
  • Moisture-wicking properties pull perspiration away from skin – no sweat-then-shiver cycle
  • Zips up to chin to contain body heat, opens wide to blow off steam
  • Polygiene® antimicrobial finish fights odor for the life of the garment
  • Built-in UPF 40 sunburn protection
  • Generous zippered chest pocket plus 2 pencil slots hidden in the left sleeve
  • Standard Fit
  • Imported