Men's Breezeshooter Tank Undershirt
Item 64217
Men's Breezeshooter Tank Undershirt Men's Breezeshooter Tank Undershirt Men's Breezeshooter Tank Undershirt

Men's Breezeshooter Tank Undershirt

Item 64217
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$27.50 $14.99

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Breezeshooter Tank Undershirt: Go with the (Air) Flow!

No need to sweat and swelter in a conventional cotton tee – not when you can wear a tank undershirt that lets fresh air flow freely over your skin. How? The secret lies in the Breezeshooter™ Tank Undershirt's revolutionary fabric. The silky, stretchy knit contains countless perforations, so the slightest breath of a breeze can reach your skin. What's more, the stretchy knit fabric is incredibly light, flexes freely and wicks moisture from skin for fast drying. Odor's not an issue either, since the Breezeshooter™ fabric has a stink-fighting Polygiene finish. And, like our famous Longtail T® shirts, this undershirt has extra inches of length in the body to keep your rump under wraps when you bend.

  • Countless tiny perforations give this ingenious fabric its extreme venting performance
  • Longer in the body to prevent embarrassing backside exposures when you bend
  • Super-lightweight polyester fabric has 11% spandex for arm-swinging, torso-twisting freedom
  • Wicks moisture from skin and dries in a blink
  • Polygiene® finish stops stink 
  • Rolled-back shoulder seams keep layers from bunching up, with a close-to-the-body fit for better layering
  • Printed label - no scratchy tag
  • Imported