Men's LaCrosse Aero Insulator Boots
Item 86324

Men's LaCrosse Aero Insulator Boots

Item 86324
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Alaska-Grade Warmth Without the Weight

When a rut-enraged moose decides to eject you from his territory, these remarkably fleet-footed boots can mean the difference between making a safe escape or getting trampled into the tundra. But don’t think gaining agility means giving up warmth. LaCrosse® Aero Insulator Boots are rated for polar-grade cold – from freezing all the way down to -60ºF – with a tough AeroForm™ shell that stays flexible in frigid temperatures. Better yet, your foot and calf are surrounded by an insulating fleece-lined neoprene core that provides comfortable cushioning and waterproof performance – ideal for when a Chinook wind turns the snowscape into a flood zone. Underfoot, the industrial tread channels out snow and slush, so you can outrun a mad bull, or – just as effective – your buddy who’s wearing heavy pac boots.

  • Ultra-lightweight, warm and waterproof, they run circles around clunky old pac boots
  • Temperature rated for extreme Alaskan cold from 32ºF down to -60ºF&
  • Highly insulating waterproof shell stays flexible, won’t crack in frigid temperatures
  • Fleece-lined, waterproof neoprene (scuba material) core encases calf and foot in soft, warm comfort
  • Gusseted neoprene shaft with snow-blocking cinch lets you tuck pants in or go untucked
  • 20mm dual-density polyurethane midsole puts best-in-class cushioning, support and insulation between feet and the frozen tundra
  • Removable PU footbed
  • Molded kick-off heel plate for easy hands-free removal
  • Snow- and slush-channeling outsole with sure-gripping industrial tread
  • Imported