Men's Spillfighter Long Sleeve Crew with Pocket
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Men's Spillfighter Long Sleeve Crew with Pocket

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Does Double Duty - Covers Front And Booty

The Longtail T® Shirt has covered America’s rear since 2002. But what about America’s front? Three extra inches of shirt length will fix Plumber’s Butt for good, but doesn’t defend against sink explosions, muck-mired dogs or the occasional slosh of coffee that misses its mark. Now there’s a solution that keeps you covered from any angle. Because now there’s a Spillfighter Longtail T shirt. It’s as comfortable, substantial and Plumber’s-Butt-fixing as the original, but with added spill protection that keeps coffee and ketchup from setting in. When it comes to a spill or blooper, it’s super duper!

  • Sheds splotches! Spillfighting treatment keeps coffee and ketchup from setting in
  • Defends your dignity with 3" longer shirt length to prevent Plumber’s Butt
  • Foils "fallout" with a spill-stopping flap on chest pocket that keeps tools and smartphones in place
  • 5.3-oz. 100% cotton fabric is prewashed for softness
  • Sized for work – no skimpy sportswear type t-shirt here
  • Imported