MN Smokejumper's Last Chance Belt
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MN Smokejumper's Last Chance Belt MN Smokejumper's Last Chance Belt MN Smokejumper's Last Chance Belt

MN Smokejumper's Last Chance Belt


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Double Layer of Toughness
Smokejumpers like to say their job is all about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe your day isn't that hot, but it still has its fair share of fires to put out. The belt's double-thick, 1-1/2"-wide 100% nylon webbing makes it strong enough to carry whatever you might need for any situation. It's heavy-duty Velcro keeps the aircraft aluminum v-buckle in place, especially when the heat is on. The perfect choice before you jump into your day.

*SIZING NOTICE: Looks like we need a good beltin' ourselves, folks. The Smokejumper's Belt has a unique size range from what you usually find at Duluth Trading. The correct sizes run as follows:

Medium (36"-40" waist), Large (40"-44" waist), XL (46"-50" waist)
  • Inspired by the belts worn by firefighters who start their days by jumping out of airplanes into Hell
  • Double Layer of 38mm Nylon Webbing reinforced with 12 feet of sewing makes its strong enough to carry a full range of accessories, tools, and radios
  • High-strength aircraft aluminum V-ring buckle
  • Sturdy Velcro closure that can handle water, cinders and heat
  • SIZING NOTICE! The Smokejumper's Belt has unique sizes: M (36"-40" waist), L (40"-44" waist), XL (46"-50" waist)
  • Made in the U.S.A. Some components are imported.