Nailed-It Tool
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Nailed-It Tool

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Nailed It™: The Handiest Nailing Tool Since The Hammer

Sink a nail exactly where you want it, with one strike, every time...You’ve dreamed it, now Duluth has Nailed It™! Give big nails, small nails, finishing nails, even screws a professional pounding. All you do is drop a nail into Nailed It’s impact-resistant metal tube, then feed in the magnetic steel rod to get down to work. With the nail held securely in place, you can line up the perfect strike in hard-to-reach spots and around difficult angles. Even better, Nailed It keeps thumbs out of harm’s way and provides a can’t-miss striking surface—so you’ll bring down the hammer surer and safer than ever before!

  • Genius-simple tool allows you to sink nails precisely, with one strike, every time 
  • Larger strike surface for one-strike accuracy — no bent nails or missed-swing damage
  • Perfect for driving nails in hard-to-reach places and around difficult angles
  • Keeps hand away from surface and out of harm’s way
  • Accommodates any size nails and start screws
  • Dimensions: 12in x .2in x .2in
  • Weight: 11.2oz
  • Imported