Nanospark Lighter
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Nanospark Lighter

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Nanospark Fire Starter: Kindle that Campfire with One Hand Tied Behind Your Back!

It's cold, windy and rainy, yet you can get a warm blaze going with one hand tied behind your back IF you're smart enough to carry a NanoSpark Fire Starter on your keychain. Simply spin the brass flint wheel with your thumb, and the NanoSpark spews copious sparks onto your prepared bed of tinder. If you're short on dry leaves or twigs, just unscrew the bottom of the machined aluminum case to access the waterproof tinder compartment. It holds one quickLIGHT™ high-performance tinder (5 tinders come with the fire starter) or your own supply of dry lint or cedar shavings. Get caught out in the cold? No flaming way!

  • Rugged one-handed sparker lights even when wet
  • Spin the brass flint wheel like a lighter to produce a shower of sparks
  • Machined aluminum case has waterproof tinder storage
  • Replaceable flint provides up to 500 strikes
  • Includes 5 waterproof quickLIGHT™ tinders
  • Just 2-3/4"L – small enough for a keychain
  • Made in USA. Some components may be imported.