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Natrapel Insect Repellent

Item 69619
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DEET-Free Natrapel Wipes: 12 Hours of Bug-Repelling Bliss
With maladies like Lyme Disease and Zika Virus floating around out there, getting zapped by mosquitoes and bitten by ticks isn't just annoying – it's potentially life threatening. Yet slathering yourself with DEET has its own set of drawbacks, and most alternative repellents don't work worth a hoot – until now. In real-life trials, Natrapel® Insect Repellent Wipes consistently perform every bit as well or better than DEET, keeping bugs at bay for 12 bite-free hours. Plus the active ingredient, 20% Picaridin, won't "melt" rain slickers, fishing line or other plastics like DEET does. Twelve easy-to-apply wipes come individually wrapped, handy to toss in a pack or pocket – ready to prevent insects from making a meal of you.
  • Easy-to-apply, highly effective wipes repel biting insects for 12 hours
  • Contains 20% Picaridin, recommended by the Centers for Disease Control to guard against insect-transmitted diseases
  • Won't "melt" plastics like DEET repellents do
  • Individually wrapped, convenient wipes travel where you do
  • Includes 12 ready-to-use wipes
  • Made in USA. Some components may be imported.