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Pro Sensor 710+ Stud Finder


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World's Studliest Stud Finder
Skip the disposable stud finders, the false readings and the aggravation. The ProSensor 710+ uses multiple sensors and a 13 LED array to give you a perfect picture of the stud location – wide enough to detect double studs as well. Deep scanning up to 1½" plumbs the depths of plaster and non-standard walls. No swiping is needed to set a baseline – just put it on the wall and get the answer fast! Now with a built-in level to line up drill points perfectly. New home owner? Buy this before you decorate. Ergonomic soft grip. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. 7¼"L x 2"W x 3"H, 12.75 oz.
  • Multiple sensors and 13 LEDs
  • Finds double studs too
  • No swiping necessary – just put it on the wall
  • Scans up to 1½" deep, even through plaster
  • Built-in level lets you line up drill points perfectly
  • Ergonomic soft grip
  • Takes two AA batteries (not included)
  • 7¼"L x 2"W x 3"H, 12.75 oz
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