Razor Renew Lapping Strop Lg
Item 22342

Razor Renew Leather Strop

Item 22342
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Get 3x more shaves from every blade
Think you spend a lot on shavers? Firefighter and bodybuilder Mike of Phoenix, AZ, shaves head to toe before every bodybuilding competition. "I was going through 2 to 3 razors a month, but now with Razor Renew I usually go a whole month with one razor, maybe more. It has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars." Just a few strokes on Razor Renew returns any dull blade to like-new sharpness – no stone or file required. You'll get at least 3X more shaves from every blade, and never again endure the painful yank-and-drag agony of a dull shaver. Works on knives and scissors too.
  • Just a few strokes returns any dull blade to like-new sharpness
  • No stone or file required
  • Use suede side to sharpen; flip over to smooth side to polish
  • Triples the life of disposable and cartridge razor blades
  • Works on knives and scissors, too
  • Made in USA. Some components are imported.