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Item 84059
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Palm-Sized Field Fix-It Kit Lets You Patch a Puncture, Stitch a Rip

When you're on a remote trek, minor mishaps have a way of turning into big problems. Like the way a ripped tent canopy becomes an open door for biting hordes of bugs. Or how a split seam on your pack means you can't carry on in the wilderness. That's when the RipSPOOL™ mini field kit will save you a ton of grief – and quite possibly your life. The outside of the compact canister is wrapped with 4 feet of heavy-duty repair tape – ready to fix a ripped tent, seal a punctured water bottle or even support a sprained ankle. The twist-off lid is a spool that holds 60 feet of 30-lb. test braided line strong enough to lash down a tarp or sew a split seam. Better yet, the lid doubles as palm push for the #16 sail needle stowed inside – ideal for driving the point through heavy-duty materials like canvas or leather. Even the FireCord wrist lanyard does double duty as waterproof fire-starting tinder.

  • Palm-sized field repair kit tapes up rips, sews tough materials
  • Exterior spool contains 4 feet of duct tape for a quick fix on a torn tent
  • Twist-off lid holds 60 feet of 30-lb. test braided line for heavy-duty fabric repair
  • Watertight inner chamber stores a #16 sail needle strong enough to sew canvas or leather
  • 550 FireCord wrist lanyard contains waterproof fire tinder
  • Measures 3”L x 1” dia.; weighs only 6 ounces
  • Made in USA. Some components may be imported.