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Best Made Small Brass Higo

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Item B2292

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Best Made Small Brass Higo




The Best Made blade legacy arguably began with our first Higo; distinct in form and universally recognizable, our Brass Higo now carries on the tradition in kind. We sought out a fifth-generation Japanese knife maker to forge our hallmark blade – their lineage traces back to the original bladesmiths who engineered a short folding knife with a flattened thumb lever and blade akin to the Japanese sword. The Edo-period design is handmade for us in the Yasugi district with modern steel and polished brass, primed to take on a patina unique to its use. Emblazoned with the stamp of superior quality, the Best Made Brass Higo is built to uphold the tradition for a century more.



Our Small Brass Higo feels at home in a jacket pocket or possibilities kit. Its Aogami No. 2 Blue steel holds a shave-sharp edge and is more durable than standard high-carbon steel with added rust resistance. 



  • Aogami No. 2 blue steel
  • Polished brass handle
  • Friction folder
  • Flat grind edge
  • 60 HRC
  • 5" overall
  • 2" blade
  • 3" closed


  • Steel, brass


  • Allow the brass to patina naturally, or polish with an ammonia-based brass cleaner.
  • Always try to keep the blade clean and dry. If cleaning, wipe with a rag dipped in mineral spirits or a mild detergent and water mixture, or rinse under hot water. Dry quickly and thoroughly afterwards.
  • Apply a thin coat of oil to the blade and folding hinge – about any household lubricant will suffice. This coat of oil will protect your knife from moisture and corrosion.
  • If rust starts to develop, remove immediately with steel wool or high grit sandpaper. For severe rust, open the knife and submerge the blade in a glass of vinegar. The vinegar will dissolve the rust, allowing you to remove it with a high grit wet/dry sandpaper. Never allow the knife to sit submerged in water for an extended period of time.


  • Made in Japan