Sprucer Upper Kit
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Sprucer Upper Kit

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Look like a brute? Get The Sprucer Upper Grooming Kit

Use your wife’s dainty clippers on those toenails of yours, and they’re gonna snap like a wishbone. You need industrial-strength grooming, Man. Grab The Sprucer Upper Grooming Kit, which contains the 8 super-sized tools you’ll use the most, in a rugged Fire Hose and leather roll that tucks away neatly in a drawer or suitcase. We must try to be gentlemen, you know.

  • Contains 8 super-sized, stainless steel grooming tools in a sturdy Fire Hose canvas and leather roll
  • 3⅛" fingernail clippers
  • Locking 5½" toenail cutters
  • 3¾" tweezers 
  • 5" barber scissors with "man-sized" finger holes
  • 3½" mini scissors to nip nosehairs
  • Flexing 4¾" cuticle scissors 
  • 4⅞" cuticle pusher
  • 6⅞" file
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