Tanks: 100 Years of Armoured Warfare
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Tanks: 100 Years of Armored Warfare Tanks: 100 Years of Armored Warfare Tanks: 100 Years of Armored Warfare

Tanks: 100 Years of Armoured Warfare

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An Awesome Overview of Tanks For War And Weapon Buffs
In 1916 the face of modern warfare changed forever as the tank entered the military arsenals at a small engagement on the Somme. The first tanks were cumbersome, unreliable and slow, but the impact on the morale of the German troops was salutary. Whatever it's initial shortcomings, the tank incarnated the mechanization and industrialization of warfare, and helped to break the stalemate of the First World War. Tanks is a gem of war history on a global scale, and makes a perfect addition to the library, cabin, RV or shop. Features rare removable facsimile documents from the museum's archive, including diary entries, blueprints, instruction manuals and handbooks. Major technical developments and types are covered from the Mark IV, the German Panzer, the Russian T-26 and the American Grants and Shermans. The most famous tank battles are described in historical detail. Great for history buffs and war fanatics, it also makes a great gift for dad and coffee table addition.
  • Authoritative book charts the tank's path from early stumbles to lethal killing machines
  • A good collectible addition to the man-cave (keep another at the cabin for rainy days)
  • Features rare removable documents for maximum entertainment and engagement
  • 132 pages
  • Made in the UK