Tick Plus Aerosol Spray Lotion
Item 69625
Tick Plus Aerosol Spray Lotion Tick Plus Aerosol Spray Lotion Tick Plus Aerosol Spray Lotion

Tick Plus Aerosol Spray Lotion

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DEET Free - Don't give bugs and ticks a biting chance

Bugs used to be just pests that got in the way of a good time outside. But with the growing threat of Lyme disease, fighting off biting insects and ticks is more than just outdoor enjoyment – it can literally be a matter of life and death. Tick Plus gives you powerful bug-repelling by releasing natural Geraniol vapors to form a protective barrier to deter blood-sucking insects from biting – and without a drop of DEET. Ideal for use around the ankles, wrist or neck it’s safe against skin and clothing and lasts for hours.

  • Repels ticks to give you a powerful weapon in the war against lyme disease
  • Heavy-duty protection from mosquitos, flies, gnats no-see-ums and flees
  • DEET-free formula uses naturally-derived ingredients
  • Continuous-spray bottle for fast, easy application
  • 7 oz. bottle.
  • Made in USA. Some components may be imported.