Twist & Seal Maxx HD Cord Pro
Item 81808
Twist & Seal Maxx HD Cord Pro Twist & Seal Maxx HD Cord Pro Twist & Seal Maxx HD Cord Pro

Twist & Seal Maxx HD Cord Pro

Item 81808
  • Color: Orange
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Keep Cords Connected and Your Crew Protected!

Plugging two extension cords together is at best a headache, and – when the connection inevitably gets wet – at worst a life-threatening hazard. Here’s the safe, smart solution to connecting extension cords without worries about shock, tripped outlets and blown breakers. Twist & Seal Maxx HD Cord Pro wraps the connection between cords in a protective sleeve of commercial-grade plastic that seals out water in any weather. It’s sized for the most common cords used by contractors, with outlets that automatically adjust to fit 10 gauge to 16 gauge cords. There’s even has a “strain relief system” to prevent damage and keep your cords plugging away for years.

  • Waterproof casing keeps contractor-grade extension cords connected and protected
  • Seals out water in any weather – prevents shock and tripped outlets
  • Automatically adjusts to fit 10 to 16 gauge cords
  • Strain relief system keeps connections snug, prevents cord damage
  • Meets or exceeds NEMA standard 250-3R IP44 for protection against rain, sleet and ice
  • UV-resistant, commercial-grade plastic
  • Made in USA. Some components may be imported.