Ultralight Watertight Medic Kit
Item 58285
Ultralight and Watertight .3 First Aid Kit Ultralight and Watertight .3 First Aid Kit Ultralight and Watertight .3 First Aid Kit

Ultralight Watertight Medic Kit

Item 58285
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Ultralight Watertight Medic Kit Fixes Backwoods Boo-Boos
The Ultralight Watertight Medic Kit packs a lot of first aid in a little space – and keeps it all dry whether you're toiling in a downpour or slogging through swamps. It's packed with bandages and dressings, adhesive tape and antibiotic ointment for the inevitable minor injuries of most any outing. Plus there's moleskin to soothe blisters, a forceps to remove a stubborn splinter or embedded tick. Even a dose of ibuprophen and an antihistamine, plus an after-bite wipe to ease sting symptoms. The whole she-bang is contained in a compact, waterproof pouch that fits in a pack – ready for the next misadventure.
  • Compact waterproof case contains everything you need to manage minor bumps, scrapes, bites and blisters
  • Dressings, adhesive bandages and antibiotic ointment put cuts and abrasions under wraps
  • 11 pre-cut pieces of moleskin prevent painful blisters
  • Forceps deftly removes splinters and ticks
  • Antihistimine medication, ibuprophen and an after-bite wipe take the edge off allergic reactions and pain
  • Tough, resealable case is lightweight and waterproof
  • 6"L x 5-1/4"W x 1-1/4"D
  • Made in USA. Some components may be imported.