Women's Tuscany Gauntlet Gloves
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Women's Tuscany Gauntlet Gloves Women's Tuscany Gauntlet Gloves Women's Tuscany Gauntlet Gloves

Women's Tuscany Gauntlet Gloves

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Tell Thorns to Make Like a Tree With Tuscany Gauntlet Gloves

Florence is known for its lush vineyards, rolling fields and farm-to-table vegetables. But long days of picking and pruning can take their toll. That's where the Tuscany Gauntlet Gloves come in handy. They're the right length to protect you from forearm to fingertip, and durable enough for heavy brush cleanup too. Tame a shrubbery invasion without fear of abrasion – supple cowhide is tanned for flexibility, and 5”-long canvas gauntlets go the extra mile to keep forearms scrape- and bite-free. Thoughtful stitching prevents friction in all the hot spots, keeping hands comfy and able. So go ahead – pull thistle and stubborn ol’ dandelions with joyful abandon, bending errant branches to your will. Gardens are grown with rich dark dirt and plain hard work – and gear that nips thorny bits in the bud.

  • Thorns and thickets are no match for puncture-resistant leather and canvas
  • 5”-long 100% polyester canvas gauntlets protect your forearms from prickly characters
  • Leather is supple for full range of motion and dexterity
  • Careful placement of reinforced stitching prevents chafing and rubbing
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