Workwear for Whatever Works for You

To keep pace with today’s ever-shifting priorities, the Workday Warrior Collection delivers maximum mix-and-match flexibility in a selection of all-day-comfortable and any-task-capable separates. No matter which way your business points next.

A Change of Art

A self-taught master of mixed media, Janelle allows symbolic, minimalist and playful themes to inspire and guide the design of her fiber, ceramics and sculptures – found everywhere from art galleries to galley kitchens. 

Last year, as shelter-in-place shrunk our worlds, Janelle experienced monumental life changes that knocked the metaphorical wind out of her. In the midst of family upheaval and constant pivoting in the face of adversity, she was granted a windfall. 

After years of applying, Janelle was awarded the Mary L. Nohl Fellowship in 2020 and participated in a virtual group exhibition last spring. By allowing the space her heart and mind needed to create new work, her first performance art piece, “Chrysalis,” emerged. 

Heavy on themes of metamorphosis and growth, the film piece is based on what she calls “the most chaotic and emotionally demanding period I’ve ever experienced.”

But she’s come out of it stronger than ever: “By practicing radical honesty and vulnerability – no matter how lost or out of control you feel on the outside – your insides are growing…the most difficult transformations are the most rewarding, because they allow the kind of growth that brings us closer to ourselves.”