Tips & Tricks from Our Wayforgers™

Duluth Wayforgers are real women – working professionals who spend all day, every day doing what they love. They’re also a vast resource of knowledge and experience! So we asked our resident farm and garden gurus to share their favorite tips and tricks for everything from spring planting to fall harvest. Scroll down and read all about it! And don’t forget to check back every so often – more articles sprouting soon!

Spring Tool Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than waiting all winter to get your hands back in the dirt – only to find that your shovel just won’t cut it. Learn the best tips and tricks of gardening tool maintenance with Anne of All Trades. A little TLC can mean the difference between decades of use versus just a season or two. Read on to learn more!

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What Is Regenerative Agriculture?

Looking to learn more about better land management AND improving your bottom line? Regenerative farming is becoming more and more popular – and it’s no wonder! Duluth Wayforger™ Wendy is passionate about putting these sustainable principles into practice, building a healthy business that’s good for the land, crops, livestock and consumers, too.

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Finding the Right CSA

Wondering if a farm share is right for you? As a successful farmer who takes putting food on her customers’ tables very seriously, Duluth Wayforger™ Lauren’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to community-supported agriculture. Check out her article on how to choose a CSA that fits your lifestyle.

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Spring Garden Gear Guide

You haven't outgrown the joys of playing in the dirt, and neither have we. That's why we never stop digging into our garden gear to deliver more problem-solving innovation. Read on to hear more about this year's tool and clothing must-haves!

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