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The waistband pull, sock show-off, and t-shirt-tag brag:
Every Duluth employee has had a close encounter with a customer.
We appreciate their over-appreciation.
So much, we wanted to share.

"I'm a volunteer fireman. I was at the firehouse after a fire call and Duluth Trading Company came up in conversation. Cody, a big 6' 4" firefighter, said to me, 'You work for Duluth, right?' I said 'Yes, I do,' and he pulled down his pants to show me his Buck Naked™ Underwear."

—Dave, Web Designer

"I was helping my folks move and making casual conversation with the moving truck driver. He jumped, I mean physically jumped with excitement when he found out who I worked for. Then he went into graphic detail about how much more comfortable the last 500,000 miles of driving had been since switching to Buck Naked™ Underwear. We got into pinching. We got into thigh size. What things smell like after 30 hours in a truck... This underwear brings people together — whether you want it to or not."

—Hank, Returns

"We were at a fancy restaurant, the kind where the
waiter is formal and wears a shirt and tie. During the
course of serving us dinner, he found out I worked at
  Duluth Trading Co. Every time he visited the
     table, he told us more about his Buck Naked™
             Boxer Briefs. Amused but a little uncomfortable,
                             we noticed people around us
                              listening in when he told us all
                              about why he likes them, how
                              many pairs he owns, what colors,
                             what size, and the fact that he was
                           wearing them right then!"

                         —Steve, Writer

"We were in Japan, traveling on business. We were boarding a flight for Detroit and these guys were in line with us. When they found out where we worked, they all grabbed their waistbands to show us their Duluth Underwear!"

—Kathryn, Business Team

"My friend bought the Armachillo® Bullpen® styles and he said, 'I feel like I could comfortably operate a jackhammer wearing these...or a pogo stick!'"

— Jenn, Business Team

"I was at a funeral recently for someone who was a huge Duluth Trading underwear fan and always talked about his underwear whenever I was around. At the funeral, I went to talk to the family and give my condolences. The first thing they told me was that he asked to be buried in his Bullpen® Underwear."

—Katie, Product Manager

"My husband and I were meeting our new doctor. He entered the room and introduced himself. He then started asking me questions to get to know me and my health history. He asked where I work and what I do. I said, 'I work at Duluth Trading Co.' He instantly put his clipboard down and said, 'YOUR UNDERWEAR!' My husband replied, 'Her underwear? Or Duluth Trading's?' We all got a good laugh and I now know my doctor prefers Buck Naked™ Briefs."

—Jill, Creative Department

“Guys come in the store and talk about their underwear. Some people ask us to look in the waistband and tell us what size they’re wearing! But we’re always happy to help them find what they want.”

—Lynette, Sales Manager, Mt. Horeb Retail Store


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